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2017-18 Avon Lake Academy



The Avon Lake Academy is a program of the Avon Lake Soccer Organization that began in the Fall 2014. It is intended to provide players with an opportunity to receive additional training from a professional coaching staff.  The goal is to provide an additional level of competitive training between travel soccer and club soccer for those players desiring to do more but wanting to do it locally and economically.

The exact program outlines are largely driven by the overall number of interested players within each age group.  Over the past few years, we have combined age groups and fielded teams in the Ohio North State League and even competed in the State Cup.  But that is not a requirement. If we have a reasonably sized group of kids that just wants more training and may want to compete together in a tournament or two, that can be an option.  

It really is a tailored program designed to provide higher-level training and play for those interested.  Cost has generally been $350-450 for the full year that has included professional training as well as state league games in the fall and spring with optional winter programs as well.  But again, what we design will be largely based on the the number of interested players.

It has been a program closely integrated with the ALHS coaches in the past and that will continue to be the case subject to their schedules. The ALHS coaches have always been an important part of ALSO but whether they coach the Academy team(s) largely depends on their schedule/availability. It is not a guarantee nor is it a requirement.  We can certainly use non ALHS coaches as well.  

Our commitment is we will use the very best professional coaching we can find to ensure a level of quality training commensurate with the commitment of the kids.

Lastly, the success of the program over the past few years has largely ridden on one or two non-Board volunteers that are no longer able to serve.

We strongly desire to fully integrate this program into ALSO to ensure long-term sustainability and keep it growing and vibrant. Our ability to do that, and to frankly execute the program at all next year, will depend on the availability of volunteers willing to serve. Please consider carefully your willingness and availability to help our community and kids.



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